Economic Impact

UnityB2B is a supplier portal that demonstrates results. In addition to managing your vendor relationships and procurement transactions, you can also see the local economic impact and fulfill any diversity requirements of your purchasing program. UnityB2B uses a sophisticated custom economic model to analyze your incoming spend data and produce the impact figures.  



Gross State Product

The Gross State Product (GSP) is the economic activity generated in a particular geographic area of the state. Simply put, GSP is a state representation of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

UnityB2B analyzes the increase in GSP for a targeted geographic area based on your company's spending data and the types of vendors it does business with.


Job Creation

In addition to the increased GSP metrics, UnityB2B provides you with the job creation impact data - how many jobs have been created in a particular zip code based on your company's spending.

Job creation takes into account the partial effects of spending, the industry of the vendor, local geographic effectiveness and other factors in an economic model to supply accurate job creation figures.


RFP Impact

In addition to GSP and job creation data in total, UnityB2B provides you with the potential impact of each individual transaction with a vendor.

When evaluating RFP responses, you may base your selection not only on the final price and terms offered by the vendor, but also on the job creation and economic impact to the local community.